CT Organics


Brief Overview

CT Organics is an initiative that was borne from the vision of two like-minded individuals and their close family and friends who viewed the present method of how we produce our food, harness the energy that we need and interact with our environment as unsustainable, and, if maintained will ultimately lead to the demise of ourselves and those who are to take our place when our time on earth is done. This lead to the decision being made of establishing a farming enterprise, a baking and distribution center, and a point of sale value chain aimed at providing nutritious, tasty food that the consumer WANTS to eat which has been produced using the most environmentally friendly methods that is economically possible. We live in a world today that is highly interconnected which in many ways is advantageous, however, in order for CT Organics to improve the sustainability of its value chain there is a constant focus placed on reducing its reliance on synthetic and external inputs by working with nature and to harness natural energy sources such as solar energy and biogas.
Our first farming site situated just outside of Curry’s Post village in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands is the culmination of a range of complimentary farming technologies that work together as one biodynamic system. In other words, our own little food producing ecosystem. It may not be perfect but is a work in progress and keeps one puzzling constantly on how to improve and become more efficient. The entire system of biodynamic farming revolves around a system of giving and taking. So, for example, all our vegetable waste that comes out of the pack shed is fed to our cows who turn it into protein while also producing their own waste which is used to grow our next vegetable crop. Our present compliment of technologies that we use are:
  • Aquaponics
  • Pasture Reared Chicken production
  • Openland Vegetable Production
  • Sustainable Energy- Biogas and Solar
  • Composting